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The Institute of Public Administration

SAFE (Staff Alliance for Equity)

Fair and equitable treatment for all organizational members irrespective of the different groups with which they identify is increasingly recognized as intrinsically valuable. Research shows that it also positively impacts a range of indicators of organizational effectiveness, such as job and team performance, job involvement and affective commitment, and reduced turnover.

In keeping with this research, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs has stated its ambition to embody an ‘inclusive’ culture, meaning that it wants to offer staff and students an “honest, open, safe and inspiring climate for work and study.” At the Institute of Public Administration, the Staff Alliance For Equity (SAFE) has sought to foster this climate since its launch in December 2019.

Our Mission

SAFE is a collaborative, bottom-up platform open for all scientific and support staff, at all levels and irrespective of contractual status, at the Institute of Public Administration.

SAFE aims to stimulate creative and constructive engagement with issues relating to inclusion, diversity, equity and respect in the Institute. The goal is to ensure that all staff experience group dynamics, organizational culture, written and unwritten norms and practices at the Institute as equitably as possible and feel able to meaningfully participate in all Institute activities.

For more information on SAFE, please go to the official webpage.

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