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Step 3. Explore

Have you found a few programmes that interest you? Take the time to find out all there is to know about them.

  • Take a look at the programmes in the online study guides; 
  • On the website, students who are currently enrolled in the programme are available to answer your questions. Look into the possibilities on the labour market for certain master’s programmes. On the webpage you will find information on career perspectives for each master’s programme under ‘After graduation’.  
  • Take a look at where alumni of the programme end up working – ago on LinkedIn to follow up on the careers of people from a certain master’s programme; 
  • Get in touch with alumni to talk about the programme and their work – The Mentor Network will help you connect with an alumnus.  

Sample Lectures

During this activity you can experience what it is like to follow a master's programme at Leiden University. You will receive a short introduction to the programme, but will mainly follow one or more sample lectures. 

Sample lectures will be offered in March and April 2024 (exact information will follow later)

Student for a Day

Join us for a day to experience what it is like to be a master's student in the study programme of your choice. During the year many master's programmes offer a Student for a Day experience. View our agenda for the current offer.

Studying Abroad

You can also choose to follow a master's programme or part of your master's programme abroad. It is highly recommended, and in some cases mandatory, for a two-year master’s or research master’s programme to study abroad for a term. More information can be found under ‘Studying abroad’. 

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