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Student associations

If The Hague is completely new to you, perhaps you should consider joining a student association? It’ll be a great way to quickly get to know people and build up a network that will prove invaluable long after you’ve finished your master’s.

The value of student associations

There is a lot more to student associations than just partying with friends. Socialising, of course, plays an important role; but being a member of a student association is the key to quickly feeling at home in The Hague. Before you know it you’ll be meeting new people and making new friends, and student associations regularly organise conferences and seminars, with the participation of the local business community.

The Hague’s student associations

As a student city, The Hague is growing in stature and is gaining more and more student associations. If you’re not sure which one to join, take part in The HOP introduction week, during which you can drop by them all, talk to existing members and visit their parties. Or, to get a better picture, you could check them out online first.

  • INTAC: INTAC is a social organisation for all students in The Hague. INTAC organizes many activities including hockey, a yearly gala, sailing trips, skiing and many parties.
  • The Hague’s student association: HSV is a social group for students from The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam. Besides social activities and seasonal parties, HSV organizes lectures on various topics.
  • Navigators student association The Hague: Navigators is a Christian student association 
  • Ichtus The Hague: Ichthus is a Christian association which offers cabaret, parties and social events, as well as weekly bible studies. It has a committee for international students and is open to non-Christians.

In addition to student associations, Leiden University also offers several study associations. These bring together students who are following the same programme. They also organise all manner of study-related activities, such as trips and readings, as well as social events like drinks and parties. Very useful, and fun too!

  • BASIS (International Studies) 
  • Fortuna (Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Affairs) 
  • B.I.L. (Bestuurskunde) 
  • SPIL (International Relations and Organisations)
  • IRSA (Master International Relations and Diplomacy)
  • Custodia (Bachelor Security Studies and Master Crisis and Security Management)
  • GOSSA (Master Governance of Sustainability)

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