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This is an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project of Leiden Law School with the University of Tirana.

Project details

Leiden University coordinator:

  • Faculty of Law, project coordinator: Darinka Piqani

Partner institution:

  • University of Tirana

Type of mobility:

  • student and staff exchange

Project duration:


Project summary

This project is intended as a basis for building stronger future cooperation between Leiden Law School and the Faculty of Law of University of Tirana (hereinafter Tirana Faculty of Law), both in terms of student and lecturer exchange and research activities. The project aims to contribute to the internationalisation of Tirana Faculty of Law, which is intensifying its efforts to strengthen cooperation with European universities. It is anticipated that Tirana Faculty of Law will greatly benefit from the expertise of colleagues at Leiden Law School, particularly in the field of European Union law.

This project will provide top students from Tirana Faculty of Law with the opportunity to study at Leiden Law School, which has an excellent reputation in domestic, international and European Law. It is this excellent reputation in teaching and research that makes Leiden Law School a strategic partner in this mobility project. Tirana Faculty of Law will benefit from Leiden Law School’s expertise in the field of European Union law, which is in the hands of the Europa Institute, the oldest and one of the most reputable institutions for the research and teaching of European Union law in the Netherlands. Tirana Faculty of Law has been part of a number of consortia with well-established universities that have applied for projects in the framework of Horizon 2020 Programme, some resulting in successful projects. In the framework of mobility programmes, this project is intended as a basis for stronger future cooperation with Leiden Law School.

During this project, incoming students from the Tirana Faculty of Law will join Leiden Law School as exchange students and academic staff from Leiden Law School will join their colleagues in Tirana in order to lecture, assist in setting up or improving curricula and establish research opportunities.

Project results and news articles

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