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This is an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project of Leiden University Medical Center and the Faculty of Science with two universities in Indonesia.

Project details

Leiden University applicants: 

  • Leiden University Medical Centrer, project coordinator: Maria Yazdanbakhsh (FMUI, Atma Jaya)
  • Faculty of Science, project coordinator: Peter Bodegom (UI)

Partner institutions:

  • Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (FMUI)
  • Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya
  • University of Indonesia (UI)

Type of mobility:

  • Student and staff exchange

Project duration:


Project summary

This mobility project aims to consolidate an existing partnership between LUMC and the University of Indonesia (UI) as well as exploring a new partnership with the medical faculty of Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya (Unika Atma Jaya). It will provide two students with the opportunity to spend time at Leiden University. By involving both medical and science faculties, students will have the opportunity to learn the common goal of dealing with health in the context of environmental changes, and dealing with the environment to ensure a positive impact on health. Cooperation with Indonesian universities will also provide the Leiden faculties with a broad profile of environmental and health challenges not always seen in the Netherlands, which in turn will allow for better teaching and research.

LUMC has set clear goals to respond to its students’ need for international experience while at the same time contributing to bridging the divide when it comes to disparities in education worldwide. To achieve these goals and to create an international classroom, LUMC has identified UI and Unika Atma Jaya as essential partners to improve student preparedness for a future with expanded horizons.

At Leiden University, this project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Science and LUMC, who have recently started a fruitful collaboration on the crossroads between health and environmental sciences. This incorporates an international education component for students from Indonesia, a country that would benefit from this area of science and health.

Indonesia has implemented major policy reforms to improve education in the last 15 years, although the quality of education is progresses slowly. It is therefore anticipated that this project will equip students with high-value knowledge and skills which will allow them, in the long run, to contribute to improving the quality of education in their home country.

The Faculty of Medicine at UI, the national centre for medical education, is seeking to preserve its excellence in this era of globalisation through systematic internationalisation efforts. Unika Atma Jaya University is striving to promote global excellence in education by collaboration with a number of international institutions. Through this project it aims to increase the internationalisation of its students.

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