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This is an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project of the Faculty of Science with Sichuan University in Chengdu.

Project details

Leiden University coordinator:

  • Faculty of Science, Mathematical Institute, project coordinator: Marcel de Jeu

Partner institution:

  • Sichuan University

Type of mobility:

  • student and staff exchange

Project duration:


Project summary

This project is intended to strengthen the connection between the mathematical institutes of Leiden University and Sichuan University, by exchanging both staff and PhD students. Leiden’s Mathematical Institute has an excellent reputation, particularly in the areas of analysis, probability theory, statistics, number theory and geometry. The College of Mathematics at Sichuan University is seeking to be a world-class mathematical centre and also has a focus on analysis and number theory. This combination makes Leiden a natural research partner.

Staff of both universities will teach intensive courses, advise PhD students, give guest lectures and work on joint research projects. Students from Sichuan University will be in the Netherlands for one semester and take courses both with both Leiden University and the national Mastermath programme. PhD students visiting Sichuan from Leiden University will work in a field in which Sichuan University has particular expertise. The teaching during the visits by staff members will also offer new opportunities to BSc and MSc students interested in the focal disciplines of the other institutes.

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