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Jean Monnet

Jean Monnet is the part of Erasmus+ dedicated to promoting excellence in EU studies in higher education around the world. Jean Monnet Actions aim to build bridges between academics, researchers and EU policymakers. There is an emphasis on the study of and research on EU integration and in understanding Europe's place in a globalised world.

Jean Monnet activities at Leiden University


2021 Chair: EUTAXGOV (EU Tax Governance) 

The Jean Monnet Chair on EU Tax Governance (EUTAXGOV) addresses the EU Standard of Tax Good Governance. Its objectives are to enhance knowledge and understanding of the use of this Standard by students, and to raise awareness and create a dialogue between academia, civil society, governments, and policy makers at both EU and country level. The Chair Holder is Prof. dr. Irma Mosquera Valderrama  

Visit the website and the Blog 

2020 Module: Summer School about European Union and United Nations

The Summer School ‘The European Union, the United Nations and Global Governance’ focuses on a range of topics relevant to interactions between the European Union and the United Nations and the EU’s role within current patterns of global governance. It includes lectures by eminent scholars in European Integration, International Organization and Global Governance. The Summer School has been initiated by Professor Madeleine Hosli.

Visit the Summer School website.

2019 Module: new EU Studies course

The master’s specialisation in EU Studies covers four topics: history, economics, law and politics. These are currently taught in more or less separate courses. With the grant that it has been awarded, a project group led by Maxine David (Faculty of Humanities) hopes to integrate these courses into a single interdisciplinary course that will ultimately culminate in a large annual symposium at which the students present their research and discuss it with academics and policymakers.

The module is titled: From Multi- to Inter-Disciplinarity: The EU in the World.

2019 Center of Excellence: Regional cooperation in the EU and East Africa

The faculties of Law and Governance and Global Affairs and the African Studies Centre Leiden have set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for comparative research into regional integration. Under the leadership of Armin Cuyvers (Leiden Law School), they are researching how several East African countries are working on a regional partnership, and which lessons learned from the formation of the EU might be of help.

The CoE is titled: Smart, Lean and Legitimate Integration: The Leiden Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Comparative Regional Integration and the EU

2018 Chair: EU and the World

The EU and the World is a Jean Monnet Chair, awarded to Karolina Pomorska (Institute of Political Science, Leiden University). Its aim is to promote and strengthen teaching and research in European Studies in Leiden and in The Hague.

The EU and the World engages in three categories of activities: teaching at the Institute of Political Science both in Leiden and in The Hague; by conducting cutting-edge research and inspiring a young generation of researchers; and outreach activities, in particular aimed at civil society, teachers at compulsory education, policy-makers and general public.

Read more about the Chair and Karolina Pomorska at the Chair's website.

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