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This is an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project of Leiden University with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Project details

Leiden University coordinator:

  • Leiden University, project coordinator: Martine Wierenga

Partner institutions:

  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Type of mobility:

  • Staff and student exchange

Project duration:

  • 2020-2023

Project summary

Leiden’s long-standing partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) contributes to our internationalisation strategy by increasing the diversity of our classrooms, and by providing a unique high-quality educational experience abroad for our students. HUJI is strongly committed to international connections with academic institutions abroad, and Leiden is the type of high-quality academic institution that HUJI strives to sends its students to, since it offers a wealth of programmes and courses that are interesting and relevant for students from HUJI.

Similarly, exchange students from Leiden who spend a semester at HUJI can take a variety of undergraduate and graduate-level classes throughout the university, allowing them to study from a new perspective, and gain valuable expertise. The immersion in Israeli education, culture and society will not only greatly benefit their personal development, but will also contribute to high-quality discussions in the classrooms at Leiden University upon their return. All these factors make collaboration with HUJI very valuable.

English Cluster Courses

While outgoing exchange students from Leiden to HUJI previously selected courses in the field of anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology, economics, environmental studies, communication, urban planning and public governance at Rothberg International School, they can now choose from an even wider variety of undergraduate and graduate-level classes throughout the university. The English Clusters courses that are offered, for example in the framework of Israel Studies, such as Negotiating Peace, Religion and State in Israel and The Israeli Palestinian Conflict, allow outgoing Leiden University students from Middle Eastern and Israel Studies programmes as well students from the International Relations and Global Challenges bachelor’s programmes to engage in in-depth study of the history and challenges of this region. Similarly, the cluster Conflict and Conflict Resolution Under International Law of the Faculty of Law, offering courses on Israel and International Law, The Laws of War and International Arbitration provide attractive electives for students of Leiden Law School.

Internationalisation at HUJI

Internationalisation has also been a strategic institutional priority of HUJI for many years. This policy has had the effect of encouraging the introduction of more English-taught programmes and courses, an increase in academic agreements with strategic partners, and increased participation in exchange programmes. HUJI aims to increase the number of international study opportunities for their students. Ideally, each student who wants to have an international experience should be able to benefit from this opportunity, preferably at leading institutions that are of particular relevance to their studies. This study abroad period enriches and expands their academic horizons.

Extremely positive and rewarding experience

Recent exchange students from Hebrew University studying in Leiden with an Erasmus+ scholarship have indicated that this was an extremely positive and rewarding experience. Many of the students interested in exchange at Leiden University would not be in the position to take part in such an exchange without the  financial support that is provided by the Erasmus + programme. 

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