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Exhibition on 444 years

Visitors to Leiden's City Hall and the University Library can visit the 444 Years of Leiden University exhibition from 25 January.

Dozens of people visit Leiden's City Hall every day, to renew their passport, pick up their driving licence or register the birth of a child. All these visitors can learn a bit more about Leiden University. The long-standing relationship between Leiden University and the city of Leiden is at the heart of this exhibition in the city hall. Later this year an exhibition will open in the city hall in The Hague about 20 years of Campus The Hague.


On 24 January, Mayor Henri Lenferink and Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker opened the exhibition in the city hall. They also opened a second exhibition, this time in the University Library, on almost four and a half centuries of University history. Both exhibitions are free and are open to everyone.

City hall

What does the University mean for the city, and what does the city mean for the University? These questions are the theme of the exhibition in the foyer of Leiden's city hall. The city and University have enjoyed a long and close relationship, ever since the University's foundation in 1575. Photos show the many different aspects of this connection: the students, the professors, the buildings, the many activities, and the famous people who have studied in Leiden.     

The Exhibition about Leiden University in the heart of the city can be seen from 25 January to 12 May 2019 in the foyer of the city hall, Stadhuisplein, Leiden.

The Minerva’s metamorfoses exhibition can be seen from 25 January to 12 May 2019 in the foyer of Leiden University's Library at Witte Singel 27. On Wednesday 20 February you are also welcome to come to a public event, where four speakers will talk about the past and present of Leiden University.  

University Library

The exhibition in the University Library focuses on the University itself. Contemporary photos are on display alongside historic pieces from the University's collections. Visitors can discover a University that cherishes a long tradition, but that is also at the forefront of innovations.

The Hague

From 2 to 22 September, visitors to The Hague can view a special exhibition about 444 years of Leiden University in the city’s impressive Town Hall. The exhibition takes in the history of the University from its foundation in Leiden in 1575 up to the present day. The photos on display show the many different facets of the links between the University and the cities of Leiden and The Hague: the students, the professors, the buildings, the diversity of activities, and the famous Dutch people who have studied in these two university cities. The Town Hall in The Hague is just a short walk from the University’s Wijnhaven location at Turfmarkt, emphasizing the close link between Leiden University and the city of The Hague.

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