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About the 444 celebrations

Get to know our world

We cherish our place in the very heart of Leiden and The Hague - we've been in Leiden for 444 years and in The Hague for almost 20 years now.  Given this long history, we want to celebrate this special year with the residents of these two fantastic cities. So, we're coming to you. We're inviting you to celebrate with us; it's our birthday so it's our treat. We're going to be opening doors and showing you in surprising ways that our research and teaching matter, and what they mean for you.  

A gift to the city

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Leiden University was a gift to the city of Leiden from William of Orange more than four hundred years ago. The city earned this privilege on account of its citizens' courageous resistance against the Spanish. And now 444 years later it is time for another gift to the city: a 444-year birthday party. And it's not just a celebration for Leiden, but also for The Hague. The story of Leiden University is a tale of two cities! 

444 years at a glance

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Two cities working together

The theme for the celebration is the connection between Leiden University and the cities of Leiden and The Hague, between all the residents and organisations in the two cities and all the university's staff, students and alumni. Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. And if we know one another better,  we can work together in the future even more and even better.  

From left to right: Jet Bussemaker, Corinne Detmeijer and Jacqueline Meulman. Three women professors on the 444 celebrations: ‘Celebrate the diversity and the tradition of openness and freedom’, ‘Celebrate and seek collaboration between disciplines and the parties in these cities’, and ’Show your interest in the other partners.’
From left to right: Bas, Dirk, Janice Deul, Cas and Jim. Janice’s idea for the 444 celebrations (and the men were in full agreement): ‘A celebration for everyone, for all colours, all sizes and all beliefs.’
From left to right: Sjoerd, Marianne and Andrea. An innovator, a policy-maker and a professor exchange business cards. Their ambition for the 444 celebration: ‘Sharing knowledge with the residents of Leiden and The Hague.’
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