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‘Hey, look! There’s Rembrandt van Rijn! And isn’t that Princess Beatrix?’ Keep your eyes peeled during the 444 manhunt on 29 June and you may just bump into a host of celebrities from the past and the present.

Will you manage to find the famous people posted throughout the centre? The 444 manhunt is free for children aged between 6 and 444, and is being held to mark the 444th anniversary of Leiden University.

History comes to life

Many famous people have had some kind of link with Leiden University over the last 444 years. Eleven of these celebrities will be walking around the centre of Leiden on Saturday 29 June. But where exactly? That’s where you come in: your job is to find them, collect stamps and give the correct answers to the questions. Will you manage to do it within the time available?

Join in

Join in the manhunt between 15.00 and 17.00 on Saturday 29 June. Download the game card or collect one from one of the characters in the centre on the day.

Especially for the winners of the golden ticket

In February, Leiden University hid golden tickets in the libraries and city centres of Leiden and The Hague. A small number of amateur detectives managed to find one of these tickets. These children stood a chance of winning a place in a special version of the 444 manhunt.

The winners, who have since been notified, will start together at a secret location on 29 June, with an exclusive entry card and cake. This VIP version of the 444 manhunt is slightly different from the regular version of the 444 manhunt, which anyone can enter.

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