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Liberation Day festival

The 80,000 visitors to the Liberation Day Festival in The Hague on 5 May can learn about 444-year-old Leiden University at a range of interactive events on Malieveld and in the Dutch Parliament.

Alongside the pop concerts, you can attend various lectures, debates, exhibitions and other activities during the Liberation Day Festival. On Malieveld, you can take part in Leiden University’s silent disco/science: don a set of headphones and listen to music interspersed with short ‘Science talks’ by researchers from the University. Alternatively, you can play giant Connect 4 or take part in various fun activities for children. Leiden University is also giving pop-up lectures in the Dutch Parliament on 5 May by Ruud Koole about ‘100 years of Universal Suffrage’ and Joop van Holsteyn about 'Suffrage and Compulsory Voting'. 

For young researchers

For young researchers there are fun-filled experiments, you can make your own ice lolly, play Connect Four and Electro, and colour fun couloring sheets. 

Science Talks (in Dutch)

Silent Disco, Silent Talks - Plein van de Vrijheid
In Dutch

Overheated teenage brains? – Marieke Bos           13.00 and 14.00
Who are we? Utopia vs. reality – Bram Ieven        13.30 and 14.30
Spies for freedom – Constant Hijzen                       15.00 and 16.00
Powerhouses! - Maaike van Putten                          15.30 and 16.30

Science Talks Stage at the House of Representatives
In Dutch

100 years of universal suffrage - Ruud Koole                  13.00
Suffrage and compulsory voting - Joop van Holsteyn   14.10

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