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Publicatie artikel; 'Why is a change of company pricing policy so hard to implement?'

Samen met mevrouw A. Roper en mevrouw L. Wang heeft prof.dr. J.I. van der Rest een artikel in het tijdschrift 'International Journal of Hospitality Management' gepubliceerd.

De abstract van dit artikel;

The highlights;

  • Hotel room rate pricing is investigated as a strategic process from the perspective of the resource-based view.
  • Information constraints, tensions and goal conflicts impose major effects on the degree to which pricing is value driven.
  • Constraints involve a lack of credible information, the problem of interpreting this information, and an absence of routines.

This paper analyzes the process of changing a competition-oriented room rate pricing approach into a company-wide value-based pricing process from the perspective of the resource-based view. From a sample of 33 hotels in 16 countries it evaluates data from 55 open-ended interviews, documentation and archival records. Employing systems methodology the study illustrates that pricing is an intra/inter-organizational activity involving cross-disciplinary processes at various hierarchical levels. It finds that changing to value-based pricing involves a remarkable level of especially intangible resources. The study identifies these resources and their impact, identifying how constraints and tensions influence the shift in pricing orientation. It suggests that pricing in a value-driven policy comprises a capability. Without this capability interpersonal realities and goal conflicts, most prominently between sales and revenue, are found to impose major effects on the alignment of functional levels, the change in pricing processes, and the degree to which these are really value-driven.

Deze maand is dit artikel online gegaan.

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