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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Diversity Research Cluster

The CADS Research Cluster Diversity aims to further theoretical and methodological debates on the classifications of human difference, such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, ability, religion, level of development, time, etc., and the way these classifications organize social life.

The research cluster enables connections and collaborations between researchers to enhance our understanding the social life of these categories, which means we look at how they are articulated, employed and experienced in different social and cultural contexts. Our research approach is based in cultural anthropology and developmental sociology, but we do not shy away from interdisciplinary collaborations. Affiliated researchers do no only conduct diversity research, but also actively engage with issues of diversity and inclusion in and outside of the university. Cluster members build on their research in CADS courses, such as Culture and Comparison, Culture and Globalization, Diversity and Power, States and Citizens, and the BSc Thesis Project Diversity.

Research Cluster members

Most cluster members are located within the institute of CADS, or anthropologists working at other institutes of Leiden University. If you are interested in joining the Research Cluster Diversity, send an e-mail to j.rana@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

Cluster Activities

RC Diversity members collaborate in research, teaching and outreach. We organize both small-scale cluster meetings in which we peer-review our work and discuss recent literature and debates, and public and collaborative meetings which we organize to cultivate extended networks and engage a broader audience.

Previous public and collaborative meetings include a workshop on The Practice of Inclusive Education in collaboration with IFIC on 22 January 2021, a roundtable On the Use of Categories in Diversity Research and Policies on 16 November 2020, and a collaborative network event on Decolonizing European Anthropology in June 2019.  


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