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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

The field and the classroom

The field and the classroom invites ethnographers to engage with critical and engaged pedagogies. Breaking down the barriers between fieldsite and lecture hall, this research cluster aims to interrogate the structures and values that shape anthropological and sociological education today.

The cluster’s foundational drive is to facilitate a space for speculating and co-developing teaching practices that build upon the principles of collectivity, generosity, and solidarity. In particular, The field and the classroom explores the entanglements between education and ethnography: both are transformative practices that can reinforce one another in eliciting more caring, situated, and collaborative learning spaces.

Cluster activities

We organise irregular workshops, design educational interventions, and make DIY publications. Our events and activities bring together practitioners across the arts, humanities, and social sciences to collectively provoke teaching practices inspired by or coinciding with ethnographic sensibilities. Students are welcome at our public events.

Fall 2024 (dates TBC):
Reading group,
“The Ethnographer’s Way”.
Register by emailing Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela (
b.l.fogarty@fsw.leidenuniv.nl) and Sander Hölsgens 


Research Cluster members

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