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Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

The Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) is a centre of excellence for multidisciplinary research on drug discovery and development.

Despite major advances in medicine- research, many common diseases such as cancers, neurological or cardiovascular diseases, or auto-immune diseases, still lack effective treatment, or are still often found incurable.

That is why our work to develop new and more effective drugs is essential. At the LACDR we work at the leading edge of drug-design and fundamental research of new drugs, optimization of existing drugs, and personalised medicine.

Education in Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Our education ranges the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy and the LACDR PhD programme. We are committed to providing quality graduate experiences in a personalized environment of cutting edge research and internationally renowned supervisors.

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Our research is focused in four divisions and one research centre: Cell Systems and Drug Safety, BioTherapeutics, Medicinal ChemistrySystems Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and the Metabolomics and Analytics Centre, which you can find below:

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