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Master Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

This page provides information to support your application for the Master's programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Application procedure: the application letter

All applicants for the MSc programme are required to write an application letter. In this letter you need to provide a detailed motivation to support your choice for the specific research area and corresponding LACDR-division (Which falls under a cluster) in which you would like to follow your Research Project 1.

To provide you with a suitable overview of the wide range of research-areas, we have arranged the Research themes of the LACDR clusters below.

Important if you wish to apply:

You are required to provide an application letter. This is very important, and requires two very essential elements:

  1. Firstly, it is paramount to include within your letter of application a very detailed and specific motivation which clearly supports your choice of LACDR research area.
  2. Secondly, you need to provide a detailed and excellent motivation of why this choice is logically supported by your previous research experience.

General information:

For general information on how to apply for the Master's programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, please check our information-website for our master's programme 

For more specific information on how to apply, including detailed questions on the process of application, please contact:

  • Dr.  Diana Klomp 
    Study-coordinator for the Master's programme
  • Bachelor's students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences are strongly advised to check the information and "Stappenplan" that is available on Blackboard

LACDR Research areas for your orientation: 

Below we have listed the Research Themes offered by the LACDR Clusters, in the context of the Master's programme:

Systems Pharmacology 

Research Themes:


Analytical Biosciences

For general information about the division, please contact: 
Loes Beijersbergen (Analytical Biosciences) or Monique Hofman (Pharmacology).


 Research Themes:


Drug Delivery Technology

For general information about the division, please contact: 
Connie van Gent-van Dorp ( Drug Delivery Technology) or
Anneke Poels (Biopharmaceutics).

Drug & Target Discovery

Research Themes:


Medicinal Chemistry

For general information about the division, please contact: 

Anneke Poels (Cluster Secretariat)