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Biomedical Metabolomics Facility Leiden

The Biomedical Metabolomics Facility Leiden (BMFL) is the core metabolomics facility of Leiden University and the Metabolomics and Analytics Centre (MAC). We offer a highly structured environment for advanced MS-based metabolomics studies and build on fully validated, state-of-the-art assays that each cover a part of the human metabolism and together span the complete human metabolome. BMFL is particularly suited towards biomarker discovery of human disease and health.
Our clients include internal and external academic collaborators as well as pharmaceutical and industrial partners from all over the world. The BMFL team offers the complete track from involvement in experimental design, study set-up and sample collection to the actual measurements, data analysis, identification of unknown compounds and comprehensive feedback on the results. We work according to ISO17025 guidelines and employ rigorous quality standards, working with validated methods. In close collaboration with our partners, BMFL defines a tailor-made approach that offers the best fit between your biological question and optimal use of the potential of our highly advanced facilities.
Lieke Lamont

BMFL does not only perform routine measurements but also operates at the frontier of metabolomics developments. Being embedded in the university ensures that new technological opportunities are quickly recognized and further developed into new platforms. The BMFL portfolio is therefore continuously improved and expanded. Major research efforts in miniaturization and automation of methods, increasing sensitivity and coupling to organ-on-a-chip are currently being performed jointly with researchers in MAC.

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