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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc)

In the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master’s programme you are trained at the leading edge of drug-design and fundamental research of new drugs, optimization of existing drugs, and personalised medicine.

What does this master’s programme entail?

Despite major advances in drug-research, many common diseases such as cancers, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease and other auto-immune diseases, lack effective treatment, or are found incurable. You are trained for a scientific career in drug research and development. Depending on your interest, you can eventually choose from seven specialisations to further extend your scientific training and theoretical background. However, the research specialisations (Biotherapeutics, Drug Discovery and Safety, and Systems Biomedicine and Pharmacology) are considered to be default specialisations. Hence, students will only be admitted to the master on a research specialisation. Students following the research specialisations continue their research training in the second year. Students opting for a non-research specialisation will be admitted after the successful completion of their first year of the master programme.

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Discover why our students choose the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master's programme

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Why study Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University?

  • The programme is offered by the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) – one of the world leading academic pharmaceutical research groups.
  • We offer you a research-oriented programme in which you can specialize in different areas in the wide spectrum of drug research; from Analytical BioSciences, Biopharmaceutics, Drug Delivery Technology, Medicinal Chemistry to Pharmacology, and Toxicology.
  • The programme offers flexibility and tailoring to meet your individual scientific interests and career aspirations.

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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: the right master’s programme for you?

The master’s programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) aims to train you in the research area of bio-pharmaceutical sciences and drug research in such a way that you have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to work independently as a scientific researcher. Moreover, you have a wide range of other career opportunities in bio-pharmaceutical industry, science communication, and education.

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Chat with a student

Do you have a question about studying at Leiden University or student life in Leiden? Do you want more information about the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences programme? Chat with a current student for answers to your questions!

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