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Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs are free academic courses, available online for a global audience. At LLInC we play a key role in supporting Leiden University teachers to create and launch MOOCs.

That's over 35 MOOCs so far on Coursera and Future Learn. We have 1.5+ million global learners, including many in the global south.  

Our experts cover all parts of the process: from planning and design to scripting, filming, and launching your very own MOOC. 

We offer both start-to-finish production and tailored support for specific parts of the process (e.g., design, quality review, maintenance).

Reach out to us to find out more.


Please note that while we are open to partnerships, the university will only publish MOOCs that are created with at least one Leiden teacher in the team. 

MOOCs benefit teachers, students and Leiden University.

  • Teachers can re-use the MOOC materials in their own teaching on campus (Flip the Classroom). In some cases, material created for regular education can form the basis of a MOOC.
  • Students can learn at their own pace and make connections. A MOOC allows students to learn efficiently: at a schedule that suits them, and with the option of "testing out" a topic before committing to a full programme. By doing they MOOC, they may also improve their own digital learning skills and make global connections with other MOOC learners.
  • MOOCs promote the profile of both teachers and their institutes. They are an excellent way of sharing knowledge with a broad audience, in line with the requirements of many grants. 
  • MOOCs are a great way of experimenting with forms of online learning on a large scale. This has allowed Leiden University to fine-tune blended education to our campus students. 

It takes a teaching team and LLInC 6-9 months to create a MOOC from start to finish. 

The course remains live for a minimum of three years.  

The cost varies, from €10,000 for a basic service (design, quality review and maintenance) to €80,000 for end-to-end production.  

Succesful courses provide unique content that builts on the research strengths of Leiden University, especially if they are of interest to professionals.

Since MOOCs stay live for at least three years, the content should be relatively stable — not likely to change quickly due to contemporary events.  

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