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Training and Workshops

Empowering education professionals in their continuous professional development is fundamental to our mission. We understand that a teacher’s didactic skills are as essential as their subject knowledge in delivering impactful education. To support this, we offer a broad range of training and coaching programs.

Formal teaching qualification tracks

For educators seeking formal qualifications, we offer:


Ready to inspire your team or or tackle an educational challenge? We extend our reach beyond the boundaries of Leiden University, conducting workshops for various organisations to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and drive innovation. Tailored to your specific needs and challenges, we will collaborate to devise a suitable programme. Workshops cover topics such as:

  • Enhancing Didactic Skills: Sharpen your teaching abilities.
  • Design Thinking: Facilitate challenge-based collaborative work.
  • Technical Deep Dives: Explore topics like podcasting and the possibilities of generative AI.
  • Future Foresight: Prepare for what's ahead.

Discover more and realise the potential for your team.

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