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Working with LLInC

Welcome to your starting point for collaboration with the Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre. Whether you're part of Leiden University or an external organization, this page will direct you to the right pages and contacts, ensuring a smooth beginning to our collaboration.

We extend our expertise beyond the halls of Leiden University, connecting with a wide array of organizations to foster the exchange of knowledge. Our belief in collaborative innovation drives us to create environments where ideas flourish and transformative education takes root. Below, we explain more about how to initiate a collaboration within and outside Leiden University.  

For Leiden University faculty staff 

As a key part of the Leiden University ecosystem, LLInC collaborates closely with faculty support departments to provide you with specialized assistance tailored to your needs.  

Faculty staff seeking access to qualification training, course evaluations and automated exam processing, can reach out to LLInC directly using the information on the service pages. For workshops, consultancy and innovation initiatives, your initial point of contact should be your faculty's support department.  

The faculty support departments have dedicated personnel who understand the unique needs and opportunies for your department. Our LLInC contact persons are embedded within each faculty to facilitate this process. This ensures a coordinated effort to address your needs effectively. They maintain regular contact with faculty education support departments, ensuring teachers and other faculty staff members are guided to the most appropriate resources. This may involve consultancy from LLInC but it can also mean connecting you to existing projects or direction to specialized services from departments like ISSC and SAZ.    

If you work within a faculty support department and are looking for the LLInC representative for your faculty, please check the LLInC faculty contacts overview

Below is a list of faculties and their respective support departments. If you are a faculty member, these are your initial points of contact for educational support: 

Archaeology Faculty support at archaeology
Governance and Global Affairs FLO
Humanities ECOLe and O&K
Leiden Law School LTC
Social and Behavioural Sciences SOLO
Science SEEDS
Leiden University Medical Center OSC


These are the contact persons LLInC has employed in each of the faculties:

Archaeology Max Montfrooij
Governance and Global Affairs Najat El Hani
Humanities Tanja de Bie
Leiden Law School Yentl Croese
Social and Behavioural Sciences Anthea Aerts
Science Marjoleine Vermeulen
Leiden University Medical Center Pien Leeuwenburgh

How to connect 

  • Course Evaluations: For Leiden University staff looking for course evaluation services, please find more detailed information on the service page
  • Automated Exam Processing: If you require assistance with automated exam processing, visit the service page
  • Training for Qualifications: If you’d like to take part in training, inspiration sessions and individual coaching for a teaching qualification, have a look at the pages UTQ and STQ for more information.  
  • Workshops, consultancy and innovation: If you're part of our faculty staff and are interested in having a workshop or start an innovation initiative, faculty staff should reach out to their support department as a first point of contact. Other interested parties in- and outside Leiden University are welcome to reach out directly through hello@llinc.leidenuniv.nl

For external organizations and non-faculty staff 

We welcome collaboration with partner institutes, network organizations, societal groups, government entities, and other external parties. You can find information on how to make use of our teaching qualification training offerings on the pages UTQ and STQ. If you're seeking consultancy and innovation expertise or are interested in our workshops, please feel free to reach out directly at hello@llinc.leidenuniv.nl.

Not sure where to start?

Whether you're with Leiden University or an external organization, if you're uncertain about where to start, hello@llinc.leidenuniv.nl is always here to help guide you to the right point of contact.

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