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Are you prepared to propel your team forward or confront an educational challenge head-on? Our tailor-made workshops are designed to assist professionals in topics such as blended learning, collaborative problem solving, media in education, inclusive classrooms, playful learning, and more.

These workshops encompass a wide variety of themes, reflecting our team's diverse experiences and knowledge. They include but are not limited to:

  • Didactic Skill Enhancement: Sharpen your educational techniques to engage your students more effectively.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Harness the power of design thinking and learning experience design to facilitate collaborative problem-solving and innovation in different contexts.
  • Technical Workshops: Dive deep into specific topics such as podcasting or take the opportunity to explore the frontiers of generative AI.
  • Future Foresight: Utilise future thinking techniques to develop foresight, enabling you to anticipate and adapt to the rapid changes in education and beyond.

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For whom

Our audience is as diverse as our workshop topics, we welcome university lecturers, education professionals, and experts from different sectors seeking to enhance their skills. We extend the reach of our workshops beyond our university to organisations across a diverse range of industries, creating an environment where exchange catalyses innovation.

Consider our workshops if:

  • You’re planning an internal professional development day and want to inspire your department with fresh perspectives to bring joy and engagement into their teaching. 
  • You're eager to explore the ethical and legal intricacies of using generative AI in your field.
  • You aim to foster a positive and productive work environment through innovative team-building exercises and are curious about the potential of design thinking for your team.
  • As a teacher, you feel your course could reach new heights of effectiveness and engagement and are seeking experienced insight to refine its structure and content.

Examples and our approach 

Our course design consistently emphasises cooperative learning and the use of collaboration techniques, ensuring an interactive and engaging experience. We’ll work closely with you to customise a program that aligns perfectly with the unique challenges and needs of your team. 

Some of our specialised sessions include:

  • Learning Experience Design: Empower yourself with the tools to design and implement engaging educational experiences. Whether you’re looking to develop a brand new course or enhance an existing program, leave with the confidence to create captivating and educational learning journeys.
  • Design Thinking: generate ideas and prototype solutions within your organisation that address real-world problems using a human centered approach. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped to lead a Design Thinking workshop that fosters innovation and develops new value propositions.
  • Podcasting: Explore approaches for effective incorporation of podcasting into your educational repertoire through inspirational sessions, prototyping and exchanging feedback.
  • Future Foresight: The future is not just about trying to predict it, it’s also about shaping it by combining analytical and creative thinking techniques to identify upcoming opportunities and challenges. Equip yourself to make strategic decisions for a sustainable and prosperous future by anticipating and navigating changes with Future Foresight.

Workshop inquiries

Interested in exploring workshop opportunities? If you are part of a Leiden University faculty, please initiate your workshop request through your educational support department, to ensure they are involved from the start. For others, reach out directly at hello@llinc.leidenuniv.nl.

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