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Senior Teaching Qualification

The Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ) is aimed at experienced lecturers who play an active role in the university's educational development.

The procedure to obtain the Senior Teaching Qualification involves assessment of a comprehensive portfolio by the university's assessment committee. For a detailed understanding of the STQ procedure, we encourage you to consult the central information offered.

Support during Your STQ Journey

Inspiration sessions

Within the qualification trajectory, LLInC offers inspiration sessions as part of a professional learning community. These sessions foster mutual inspiration and knowledge exchange in small groups. The sessions address various educational perspectives to build a rich and reflective portfolio. For bookings and more information, please refer to the listing in the course calendar.

Individual coaching

Our personalized one-on-one coaching sessions provide:

  • Targeted feedback on draft versions of your portfolio.
  • The opportunity to address any questions you might have.
  • A comprehensive final review of your portfolio before you submit it to the assessment committee, ensuring it meets the high standards expected.
  • 2 coaching sessions and feedback on portfolio: €450
  • 4 coaching sessions and feedback on portfolio: €900

Scheduling for coaching sessions is flexible and arranged directly with the instructor to suit availability. Please get in touch through trainingoffice@llinc.leidenuniv.nl for more information. 

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