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Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre

Consultancy and Innovation

Are you dealing with an educational challenge or would like to explore innovation opportunities? We actively ideate, design, prototype, build, test real-world solutions to transform theoretical ideas into tangible solutions to enhance the educational landscape for the benefit of your students.

Directly to:

 In-house expertise:

Didactics and Education Design

Our educational design team works to create impactful learning experiences that resonate with students and educators alike.

Legal and Policy Insights

Navigating the complexities of legal frameworks and policy implications is crucial for any educational initiative. Our experts ensure your projects stand on solid ground.

Data Responsibility

In the digital age, data responsibility is paramount. Our privacy experts help safeguard personal information while maximizing the educational value of data.

Video and Interactive Media Production

From crafting engaging video content for online courses to developing immersive VR and AR experiences, our studio is at the cutting edge of educational media.

Data Analytics

We extract meaningful insights from complex data sets to inform decision-making and drive educational strategies.

We designed and built a medical augmented reality app with LUMC to practise ultrasound techniques in an interactive learning environment

Our Work in Action

Since launching in 2023, LLInC has pioneered a portfolio of dynamic projects, showcasing our multifaceted capabilities and impact in the field. Examples of our work include:

  • Facilitating workshops for faculty staff on integrating podcasting into education.  
  • Developing an augmented reality module to enhance medical students' proficiency in ultrasound scanning techniques with LUMC.
  • We hosted a workgroup for educators at the faculty of Social sciences develop a blended learning strategy
  • Enriching the 'Gedrag: (G)een Probleem' virtual reality program with additional scenarios, enabling hands-on practice for working with patients with dementia.
  • Designing the interactive learning experience Family Dinner for the Institute of Psychology; to gamify the understanding and use of academic concepts such as bias, logic and argumentation fallacies.
  • We have hosted events and advised several parties on the impact and ethical considerations of generative AI in education, promoting an understanding of its benefits and limitations.
  • We started the development for an interactive e-learning module for the Faculty of Science, focusing on health and safety protocols through engaging animations, enhancing the traditional in-person training.
  • A mobile 3D scanning project was initiated for classroom integration, providing a cost-effective and scalable method for the use of 3D models in archaeology education.
  • To support LUMC in guiding students during their transition from being a student to entering the labour market, we started producing a documentary series to guide students in making informed choices in their medical career, highlighting the diversity of opportunities beyond academic hospitals.
  • Being part of the European consortium XR4Human, we advise on the legal and ethics obligations related to implementing extended reality technologies in education.
  • For the Molecular Science and Technology program, we examined the progress of students in the online matching course for prospective students. Based on analytics of Brigthspace data combined with a heuristic evaluation of the learning experience, we provided recommendations for improvements on course design aspects such as visibility, course duration, progress indication and navigation improvements.
  • In collaboration with ICLON, we supported the International Studies program in understanding student learning behaviors to inform pedagogical strategies using data from Brightspace and other tools in the digital learning environment.
  • Consulting with Leiden University‚Äôs Change Advisory Board, we integrate digital learning tools into the university teaching qualification modules, enriching educational activities and making it easier for educators to adopt new technologies.

How does a collaboration with LLInC look like?


From immediate advise to extensive partnerships

We understand that each project has its unique scope and requirements, which is why we offer a spectrum of collaborative efforts, from brief consultations to more extensive partnerships:

Quick consultancy sessions:

Ideal for immediate, targeted advice on specific challenges. Perfect for fine-tuning your course design or addressing a specific educational challenge. Engage with our experts for a concise, impactful session designed to deliver quick solutions.

Hands-on assistance and short projects: 

When the project requires more in-depth support. Think of developing new methods for student engagement, piloting innovative tools or data analytics, our team provides the necessary hands-on expertise over a period that aligns with the scope of your needs.

Comprehensive collaborative partnerships:

For endeavors that ask for intense collaboration, like developing a completely new virtual reality experience application from scratch or undertaking comprehensive curriculum design, we embark on a long-term collaboration that leverages the full spectrum of our interdisciplinary team from start to finish.

Whatever the scale or complexity, LLInC is equipped to co-create solutions that resonate with your vision and deliver impactful results. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that every project benefits from a breadth of perspectives and expertise. 


Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas, questions, or potential projects at hello@llinc.leidenuniv.nl*. We ensure that inquiries are directed to and handled by the appropriate experts within our team to meet your specific needs efficiently.

If you are part of a Leiden University faculty, please involve your educational support department in your request, to ensure they are involved from the start.



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