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eLaw- Center for Law and Digital Technologies


eLaw, Leiden Law School’s Center for Law and Digital Technologies is a multi-disciplinary institute that brings together a unique set of expertise on the legal, philosophical and social implications of the information society. eLaw conducts fundamental and applied research on the legal, societal and technological regulation of the Internet and other converging, digital technologies.


The core of eLaw’s research focuses on the ways in which the rule of law in Western societies is affected by the rise and spread of various digital technologies, and, in turn, how the rule of law may have an impact on the dissemination and use of these technologies.

Oftentimes, due to the complexity of the research object, the research questions addressed covers multiple legal areas, ranging from private law, to criminal law, administrative law, privacy and data protection law, youth law, IP (copyright and patent) law, media law, telecommunications law, and procurement law. What’s more, the research questions addressed cross disciplinary boundaries, bringing together ideas from various technical disciplines, media and communications studies, philosophy of technology, criminology, behavioural economics, psychology and many other fields.

This is why much of the research at eLaw is multi-disciplinary in nature. Multidisciplinarity is realised in practice both through strong cooperative ties with other scientific disciplines within Universiteit Leiden and outside, but also through the composition of the academic staff working within the Center. eLaw is home not only to legal scholars, but also to philosophers, criminologists, and computer scientists.