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eLaw- Center for Law and Digital Technologies

Current projects

We are currently working on eight research projects.

1. EUDECO (Modelling the European Data Economy)

EuDEco (Modelling the European Data Economy) is a Coordination & Support Action (CSA) receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

2. Sweetie 2.0

Sweetie 2.0 is a research project commissioned by Terre des Hommes on online child sex tourism and criminal law.


The SCALES project is funded through the NWO programme   Responsible Innovation (MVI), with participation of several private and public partners. The overarching research question of the SCALES project is how to strike a balance between the sometimes conflicting stakes of individual, public and private data-producers and data-processors.

4. European PC project

In this research project, the protection of personal data is compared in eight EU member states: France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Romania, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. The comparison of the countries is focused on government policies for the protection of personal data, the applicable laws and regulations, implementation of those laws and regulations, and supervision and enforcement.

5. e-SIDES

e-SIDES is a project funded by the European Commission that focuses on the ethical and societal impact of data sciences.

6. Cyber agent technology and intelligence agencies

In this project, it is investigated, on the one hand, to which extent cyber agent technology can be used within the legal competences of intelligence agencies in the Netherlands and, on the other hand, to which extent this technology can contribute to fulfil the legal obligations of intelligence agencies regarding the processing of the collected data (for instance, regarding the reliability and completeness of the data and the storage and erasure of the information).

7. Gamechangers

In cooperation with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, eLaw is conducting research into the development of privacy-friendly care games for children. In order to guarantee the protection of personal data, a checklist with privacy requirements is drawn up by eLaw on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation.

8. Artificial Intelligence and Ethics at the Police


Completed projects

INFORM (Introduction of the data protection reform to the judicial system) is a project for the European Commission aimed at training the judicial system to prepare the implemention of the GDPR and the EU-directive on personal data in criminal law.

Dynamic Identity (D-ID) aimed Dynamic Identity (DI) project aimed to prepare children for a more reflected and responsible online presence. As part of the project a teaching module on profiling was developed to be used by teachers in order to raise awareness about online profiling among children.


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