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Systems Biomedicine and Pharmacology (MSc)

In the research-oriented master's specialisation System Biomedicine and Pharmacology you will focus on personalised medicine and novel systems-based approaches in translational and clinical pharmacology

What does this master's programme entail?

The master's specialisation System Biomedicine and Pharmacology offers you a unique combination of cutting-edge experimental training in the field of metabolomics and translational systems biology and quantitative pharmacology education.

Traditionally, medical treatments and drugs were designed for an "average patient". Nowadays it has become clear that the differences between individuals, their genes, environments, lifestyles, all of which also influence the individual responses to treatment, should be taken into account. This calls for a thorough understanding of diseases, at the system-level, allowing prediction of the modulation of disease networks by drugs in cells, organs, and the body as a whole. To achieve this, the programme of this master’s specialisation focuses on education on the development of novel bioanalytical concepts and innovative analytical tools for metabolomics-driven systems biology and design of theoretical modelling frameworks for drug development and individualized therapies. Read more about the System Biomedicine and Pharmacology programme.

Discover why our students choose the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master's programme

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Why study System Biomedicine and Pharmacology at Leiden University?

  • The System Biomedicine and Pharmacology specialisation is offered by the research Division Systems Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and the Metabolomics and Analytics Centre at the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), focusing on a wide variety of research themes from development of high throughput metabolomics techniques and clinical applications of (pharmaco)metabolomics to highly sensitive analysis in 3D cell culture models, and translational, clinical and quantitative systems pharmacology.
  • The programme offers you research-orientated education into understanding and predicting drug-induced modulation of disease networks at the systems level.
  • The strengths of this specialisation are its research-orientated approach and the tailored programme designed for each student individually.
  • You study in an internationally, top-ranked research institute.

Find more reasons to choose System Biomedicine and Pharmacology at Leiden University.

System Biomedicine and Pharmacology: the right master’s programme for you?

You should choose the System Biomedicine and Pharmacology programme when you want to participate in one of the highly relevant research topics at the moment to the society. This programme explicitly focusses on predicting drug response with computational modelling, designing individualised therapies, and developing innovative analytical tools for personalised health strategies.

Read more about the entry requirements for System Biomedicine and Pharmacology.

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