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Biomedical Sciences (MSc)

In this programme you are trained in interdisciplinary approaches to address scientific and societal challenges in the field of (bio)medical sciences. The research in our master programme Biomedical Sciences is related to the maintenance of health and prevention of disease. You will acquire a skill set suitable for a wide range of career opportunities not only in (biomedical) research, but also in industry, policy making and communication/education.

What does this master’s programme entail?

The first, common, master year provides you with a solid background in Biomedical Sciences via compulsory and elective courses and a research internship. The interdisciplinary character of the first year offers you great opportunities to address health and disease-related issues from various directions. The second master year is dedicated to one of the above mentioned specialisations.

Egbert Lakke

Teacher Neuroscience at LUMC

Egbert Lakke

“I educate Biomedical Science students in Neuroscience with great pleasure. BS in Leiden is small-scale so contact with students is direct and stimulating.”

Jaap Schreurs

Alumnus Biomedical Sciences working at Boston Consulting Group

Jaap Schreurs

“In Biomedical Sciences, you deal with a broad spectrum of theories. You learn how to work on the basis of hypotheses, how to think critically and how to reflect on your own research and that of other people. I also do this in my job. I survey the field, look at the company, hypothesise and test.”

Five reasons to choose the Master Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University

  • The flexibility of our programme allows you to follow your individual interests in the order that suits you best;
  • You will have the opportunity to specialise in different areas of research or to zero in on management, communication or education;
  • You will enjoy small-group teaching, traineeships, an international classroom and high-quality courses on subjects at the frontiers of science;
  • Biomedical Sciences is taught at the Leiden University Medical Center, which is a modern institution where research, education and patient care with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation are combined;
  • Our alumni have very good job opportunities.

Is the master Biomedical Sciences the right program for you?

The master Biomedical Sciences is the right programme for you if you are interested in studying at the intersection of medicine and the natural sciences. You will learn about causes of specific illnesses, the molecular, genetic and physiological mechanisms of disease, methods for diagnosis and the translation of knowledge to actual treatment (from bench to bedside). The master’s program aims to train you in such a way that you have knowledge, insight and hands-on experience to be able to work independently as an academic professional, not only in research, but also e.g. in industry, policy making and communication/education.

Interested? Read more about the entry requirements.

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