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Science Communication & Society

Student projects

To get an idea of the science communication products and research that is possible, a few examples of student projects of recent years are shown below.

Student Projects SCS Courses

In the courses Science Communication Product Development, students work in groups on actual science communication products for clients within the science faculty. Below is a list of a few examples:

  • Mathematics Walk (“Wiskundewandeling”);
  • Muurformules audiotour
  • An antibiotics escaperoom for high school classes.
  • A board game about galaxies.
  • Visitor activities for the Hortus Botanicus.
  • A workshop in which children could build their own LEGO microscope, to understand the principles behind microscopy
  • A ‘women in science’ event for the Science Faculty.
Map and dilemma game Hortus Botanicus, based on ideas and texts of SCS students

Student research projects

As part of their internships, SCS students conduct a science communication research study. Below are a few examples of student research projects.


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