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Science Communication & Society


The Science Communication and Society specialisation (SCS) focuses on the interaction between science and society.

Increasingly, the general public wants to be and needs to be informed about scientific topics, including health topics. At the same time, scientists need to show accountability to the general public about their research. Find out what science communication is here

Master students of the Science Faculty or Biomedical Science at the LUMC can follow the Science Communication and Society specialisation within their master program. They spend 40-60 EC on science communication courses, internships and research within our department. In addition, our courses are available as electives for other interested students within the Science Faculty and Biomedical Sciences.

The program is offered in English and contains the following required elements:

  • SCS Courses                                                       23 EC
  • Research proposal                                               3 EC
  • Internship(s)                                                 14-34 EC

The internship period can be split in one large or two smaller internships and contains at least 10 EC in science communication research.

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