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Science Communication & Society

SCS Courses

The coursework within the Science Communication and Society (SCS) specialisation prepares students for internships and a career in communication about science and health.


The courses are taught in English and combine into a full-time work load. Students are prepared for a career as a science or health communicator, a science policy maker, a public relations officer, a science journalist, a health officer, an educator, a science communication researcher or for a career as a scientist with a communicating mind-set.

SCS Fundamentals

This 16-week course is offered once a year, starting in September and should be combined with the Scientific Narration and Visualization course for SCS specialisation students. Within SCS Fundamentals several different modules are offered ranging from science journalism, to informal science education, theories and methods and policy and funding taught by a team of lecturers and professors. In addition, several workshops are offered to increase science communication skills and knowledge. The course consists of lectures, in-class activities, field trips, individual assignments and group assignments. The final three weeks of the course are spent working on a final project in which students apply what they have learned during the course to developing a science communication product.

Scientific Narration and Visualization

The course Scientific Narration and Visualization deals with unconventional ways of conveying scientific insights, i.e. all forms besides scientific articles and scientific posters. This course is different compared to e.g. data visualization as it deals with conveying understanding instead of data. The main learning goal of this course is to make students aware of the drawbacks and advantages of the various forms, such that they will be able to use the most appropriate form for their case.

Science Journalism (Elective)

The module Science Journalism within SCS Fundamentals is offered in Dutch for Dutch-speaking students and in English for English-speaking students. The English version is also offered as an elective for students within the Science Faculty and biomedical sciences who are not taking the full SCS Fundamentals course.

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