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Science Communication & Society

SCS Courses

The coursework within the Science Communication and Society (SCS) specialisation prepares students for internships and a career in communication about science and health.


The courses are taught in English and combine into a full-time work load from September - December. The program prepares students for a career in the area of science communication, for example, as a science communicator, a science policymaker or a public relations or health communication officer, or for a career as a scientist with a communicating mind-set.

All SCS courses are required for SCS specialisation students and are offered once a year starting in September . Courses consist of a combination of lectures, in-class activities, field trips, individual assignments, group assignments and an exam.

In addition to the courses, several workshops are offered to increase science communication skills and knowledge on specific topics.

The courses Research in Science Communication, Informal Science Education, Policy & Development in Science and Society, Science Journalism, and Scientific Narration and Visualisation are being taught in parallel in the first 13 weeks of the academic year. The course Science Communication Product Development is a full time course in December where students will work on real science communication products and will apply the knowledge and skills that they acquired in the previous courses. This last course is only available for students who have completed the other five courses.

All SCS courses are also available for other students as elective courses. Check with your own programme if the SCS courses are allowed as electives.

More information for each course can be found in the e-prospectus.

Course list

Research in Science Communication
Informal Science Education
Policy & Development in Science and Society
Science Journalism (Dutch or English)
Scientific Narration and Visualization
Science Communication Product Development
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