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Elke Krekels

Universitair docent

Dr. E.H.J. Krekels
+31 71 527 4505

Elke Krekels is assistant professor at the Division of Pharmacology.

Meer informatie over Elke Krekels

Dr. Krekels developed a keen interest in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling, during her BSc and MSc studies Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University. Her PhD research at the Division of Pharmacology of the LACDR in collaboration with the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care from the Sophia Children’s Hospital of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, aimed at developing novel, model-based approaches for developing drug dosing algorithms for the paediatric population, with specific focus on the influence of pharmacokinetic changes for drugs that are glucuronidated. For this work she received the thesis award from Dutch Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmacy. During a subsequent two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Pharmacometrics Research Group at Uppsala University, Sweden, she learned new methodologies to analyze data from complex pharmacodynamics endpoints.

As an assistant professor at the Division of Pharmacology of the LACDR, Dr. Krekels currently continues to work on developing new strategies for optimizing paediatric drug dosing algorithms taking both pharmacokinetics as well as pharmacodynamics into account. Within the LACDR Cluster of Systems Pharmacology, she works closely together with colleagues at the Division of Analytical Biosciences to integrate metabolomics techniques with quantitative pharmacology in this special patient population. Dr. Krekels is also involved in collaborative efforts between the Cluster of Systems Pharmacology and the Instituut Biologie Leiden (IBL) from Leiden University to improve the zebrafish larvae model as a translational platform for pharmacological research.

Universitair docent

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