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Teaching in The Hague – like that in Leiden – is firmly based on research. All stages of academic teaching are represented in The Hague, including programmes for professionals involved in practice, who have graduated earlier.

Full-time programmes

The programmes offered in The Hague consist of full-time bachelor’s and master’s programmes for students from the Netherlands and abroad. There are also minors (clusters of subsidiary subjects), several of which are offered in conjunction with the Haagse Hogeschool.  

The following bachelor’s programmes are taught in The Hague:

And the following master’s programmes:

More than 3,000 students

The bachelor’s programmes in The Hague have more than 3,000 students (2016/2017), with a further 600 students enrolled in the master’s programmes. Many of the students study at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, which with its Institute for Public Administration and University College, is located completely in The Hague.  Over time, we expect to have some 4,000 students attending our high-quality teaching programmes.

The largest programme in The Hague is International Studies, part of the Faculty of Humanities. Students engege with the history, culture, politics and economy of a world region, along with the relevant foreign language. This programme puts the world in perspective by taking a comparative approach to the different regions. 

Training for professionals

There is a growing range of programmes available in The Hague for professionals already in employment (the so-called 'post-initial' programmes). These include courses, part-time programmes and programmes for professionals already in the job market (lifelong learning). These programmes complement the post-initial teaching conducted in Leiden.

Summer schools and courses for school pupils

 The campus in The Hague also offers a broad range of summer schools, as well as pre-university programmes for school pupils in their final years at secondary school.

MOOCs specially for The Hague

Innovative forms of online teaching, such as the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), are very successful in reaching large new target groups at locations throughout the world via distance learning. The Hague also offers a number of these courses. MOOCs such as International Law in Action in The Hague, International Criminal Justice, or International Arbitration and Investment Litigation help promote the visibility of The Hague as a centre of academic expertise.

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