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Impact and city

Leiden University and the city of The Hague are working closely together to increase the impact of our research and education in order to contribute as much as possible to the development of the city.


Our research is helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Rather than work in isolation, we collaborate with many different partners, such as other knowledge institutions, the public and private sector, NGOs and museums. As a metropolis with a population of over half a million, The Hague presents the perfect opportunity to use teaching and research to solve urban challenges.

Peace Palace in The Hague

Examples of the impact of Campus The Hague


PRINS: International Studies students offer advice

Third-years on the Bachelor’s programme in International Studies spend 12 weeks analysing a case or problem at an organisation that operates in an international context. This is generally an organisation in The Hague, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or OPCW, but it can also be an organisation outside The Hague such as Google, Starbucks and the OECD. The students translate their academic knowledge into practical advice during this Practising International Studies course (PRINS).

Dopper Prize for UNPLASTIC project

Students from Leiden University College The Hague are going head to head with plastic pollution, and have won the first battle: the Dopper Changemaker Challenge 2019. They are using the winnings to develop learning modules for biology and economics teachers all around the world.

Population Health Management

Within the health sector, increasing attention is being paid to prevention, lifestyle and early intervention. Population Health Management is the study of the transition from health to disease in the population and research into reducing the likelihood of disease. This makes it an important topic for the LUMC. It develops and tests interventions to improve the population’s health. As The Hague has an urban population, which is associated with specific health issues such as diabetes, the LUMC will work closely with partners in The Hague. 

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