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Working in The Hague

The number of staff at the campus in The Hague has grown in recent years. As a result of the increase in research and teaching activities, more jobs will be created in the coming years for scientists, lecturers and support staff.

Business, government, and international organisations – you’ll find them all in The Hague. Many leading organisations make a deliberate choice to locate in The Hague because it’s a place where you can exert influence, expand your network, and enter into unique partnerships. 

In addition to offering so many career opportunities, if you’re looking for a great place to live, The Hague offers practically anything you’d wish for. Fantastic shopping in the city centre, long walks in the dunes, dining on fresh fish along The Hague Beach, and then, a drink at a beach café. You’ll find your way around town in practically no time.

In The Hague you’ll find an affordable home in a neighbourhood that suits you, whatever you do and whatever your lifestyle. Once you’ve settled in The Hague, you’re not likely to leave soon. Do you have a growing family? Again, you’ll have no problem finding a fine house with the space you need for the next phase in your life.

Your future is here – welcome to The Hague!

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