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The University wants its teaching and research to have the maximum academic, cultural, social and economic impact.

As a global player in university research, we aim to have an impact not only on the whole world but also on our own region and our two hometowns. We apply knowledge and understanding from The Hague to Leiden and vice versa.

Research suited to the city

The research at Campus The Hague consists of research that is conducted in The Hague itself and research that is related to or in collaboration with The Hague. The research always focuses on the five themes:

  1. International law, peace and security
  2. Globalisation and international relations
  3. Politics, public administration and public finance
  4. Urban issues
  5. Health and patient care

Interdisciplinary approach to society

The research in The Hague consists of long-term, fundamental research and short-term policy research. Projects often come together in different research disciplines. With seven faculties in a single building – Wijnhaven – collaboration is easy.

The 2020-2030 strategy for Campus The Hague and the associated 2022-2023 implementation agenda list the ambitions for new and follow-up research.

Combining work with a PhD

Leiden University has a unique Dual PhD Centre, at Campus The Hague, where you can combine work with a PhD. External PhD candidates can devote some of their working time to academic research that relates to their profession. A unique opportunity for the candidate, their employer and academia.

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