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About us

Leiden University has had a campus in The Hague for over 20 years and sees the city as its second hometown.

Leiden University chose The Hague because the city’s identity complements the University. As a city of peace, justice and security and as a metropolitan area, The Hague provides plenty of opportunity for research and teaching. It is also the political and administrative heart of the Netherlands and a home to many international organisations. The teaching and research at Campus The Hague is closely linked to the city’s profile and is grouped into four key themes:

  1. International law, peace and security
  2. Politics, public administration and international relations
  3. Urban issues
  4. Health and patient care

Equally, the University provides The Hague with a broad knowledge base and employment, and attracts highly qualified young people to the city.

Contributing to the ambitions of the city

Leiden University wants to help strengthen The Hague as a city of knowledge by deepening its existing relationships and broadening its networks. It also aims to make a significant contribution to the The Hague as a driver of innovation and employment by supporting student and graduate entrepreneurs and attracting talent to the city from home and abroad.

Inspiring environment

Leiden University wants to work with other organisations, higher education institutions and the Municipality to create a healthy and inspiring infrastructure for students, staff and the city’s populace. This entails building an intensive relationship with The Hague and its citizens by transferring knowledge to the city and involving the city in its activities. These are activities that focus on topical, local or University themes; alternatively the University joins existing activities. This is how the Campus contributes to the profile of The Hague and helps make the city a vibrant place.

Campus The Hague administration

The Dean of the Faculty of Governance & Global Affairs acts as the manager of Campus The Hague, reaching decisions in consultation with the other deans of Leiden University, under the authority of the Executive Board of the University. 

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