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About us

Campus The Hague is a leading international centre for education and research. It closely aligns with the profile of the city of The Hague: city of peace, justice and security.

City and University of great value to each other

Much of the academic teaching and research in The Hague directly relates to the work of the numerous organisations in the city. These include the Dutch Parliament, ministries, national and international law courts, European institutions and embassies. These are of great value to the University, and the University is of great value to them.

Academic knowledge and complex social issues come together naturally in The Hague, therefore. Moreover, this big city is highly suited to research on typical urban issues, such as issues relating to health.

Flourishing campus life

The University has much to offer the city. Not only students, highly educated graduates and academic knowledge, but also innovation, start-ups and post-academic teaching. The further development [in Dutch] of campus life in The Hague is therefore high on the agendas of both the University and the city.


LUMC Campus The Hague works closely with STZ Hospitals in The Hague in the area of innovation in health care and training, medical education and patient-related research. 

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