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The Institute of Psychology stimulates leading international and societally relevant research on human behaviour. Our researchers conduct fundamental and applied research in most sub disciplines within psychology and particularly in cognitive, social, organisational, economic, clinical, medical, health, neuro, developmental and school psychology and methodology and statistics. Our current research programmes and research projects reflect our Institute’s broad profile and are of outstanding quality, with respect to both content and methodology. The Institute strives to achieve a good balance between knowledge-driven and society-driven research.

Research programmes

  1. Action control
  2. Social decision-making
  3. Self-regulation models (Self-regulation and Health/Stress and Psychopathology)
  4. Pathways through adolescence
  5. Multivariate analysis 

Research projects

Each research programme forms an umbrella for several research projects in which we study sub aspects of the main themes. Our researchers work together in these studies with PhD candidates and students. The research is for a large part financed by grants, for example from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the European Research Council (ERC).

Multidisciplinary research  

Our researchers work together with their colleagues within the units in our Institute and based on their own research interest and expertise. In addition they work together with colleagues from the other units in the Institute as well as with researchers from other organisations such as hospitals, mental health care organisations and other universities in the Netherlands and abroad. This results in a truly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

Research schools

Our PhD candidates work together within research schools that offer education and training. The different sub disciplines are represented in different research schools. Our PhD candidates are members of national research schools as well as our own faculty Graduate School.

Profile areas

The Institute of Psychology takes part in excellent research and multidisciplinary teamwork in two Leiden University profile areas:  


Our research programme conducted in the period 2011-2016 was assessed by an international review committee in 2017. As preparation for that assessment, we have written a self-evaluation of our research programme. Download the self-evaluation and the appendices.

The Full Assessment Report from the Review Committee and the response from the Institute of Psychology to that report can be found on the university website under the heading 'Social and Behavioural Sciences, Psychology 2011-2016'.

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