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Humans of Psychology

For Humans of Psychology, students and staff will be put into the spotlight. At our institute prizes are won, exiting research is conducted, knowledge is harnessed, public meeting are organised and open science is highlighted. Take a look behind the scenes.

Fleur van Elk

Alumna Fleur van Elk graduated cum laude for the research master's programme Cognitive Neuroscience and started her PhD trajectory at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. For Humans of Psychology, Fleur talks about studying and working, and has advice for current psychology students.
Humans of Psychology: Fleur van Elk



Mardot van der Doef

'Continuing to work on my professional development is inspiring and stimulating, and it’s rewarding to have an influence on how psychology is taught.’ This is how Margot van der Doef describes the track that brought her the Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO). ‘And you can easily do it in parallel with research.’ 
Margot van der Doef first Leiden psychologist to hold Senior Teaching Qualification

Daphne Tona

Cognitive psychologist Daphne Tona is one of the first to investigate a small nucleus in the brain stem 'in vivo' in living volunteers. That nucleus is involved in cognitive function and neurological and psychiatric disorders. With this research Tona is further mapping the brain. She tells about her PhD thesis in a mini lecture from Greece. 
Daphne Tona maps the brain

Adva Eichengrün

Adva Eichengrün

Schools are essential to children’s development and provide numerous options for growth. They also facilitate learning beyond the classroom and give children tools that support their social and emotional development. But each child is different and some children have communication problems. How can schools create an inclusive environment that caters to the needs of this group?
An inclusive learning environment for children with communication problems

Winnie Gebhardt

Winnie Gebhardt

I am an associate professor in health psychology. My main line of work is health behaviour and behaviour change, so trying to understand why people do what they do including clearly unhealthy things. I have done a lot of work on personal goals and how health goals are represented in the personal goal structure, as well as how goal conflict and facilitation may influence behaviour.
Winnie Gebhardt talking about research on health behaviour

Pieter de la Court
Zsuzsika Sjoerds

Zsuzsika Sjoerds

Our cognitive neuroscientist Zsuzsika Sjoerds seems to be busy with her research, her teaching, and open science advocacy. She also took over the Twitter account for Dutch scientists @NL_Wetenschap from 30 September till 6 October 2019.
Zsuzsika Sjoerds took over the Twitter account @NL_Wetenschap


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