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Training and certification

An important aspect of the promotion and safeguarding of good practices at the Institute of Psychology is to make sure that employees are being facilitated and guided by offering information about and resources for training. On this page, an overview of various mandatory and recommended training is provided to all employees of the institute.

Researchers and other team members flourish in a culture that is characterized by independence and integrity. All employees, including senior staff, PhD candidates, temporary personnel as well as students at the Institute of Psychology and others who are conducting research within the institute or using its facilities, are expected to conduct research according to the highest ethical and professional scientific standards and act in line with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

The quality of the research as well as the safety of people involved in research largely depend on the expertise and skills of the investigators and other members of a research team. Team members have to be qualified through education, research-specific training, and experience to be able to carry out their respective task(s) in line with legislation, national and local guidelines and protocols. Importantly, legislation, guidelines and protocols continuously change, such that good practice should be accompanied by an investment in regular updating of knowledge, skills, and expertise. This means that a lifelong learning mentality is needed not just among early career team members, but is at least as important for those holding a senior position.

Although clear standards offer an important basis for good practice, it needs to be acknowledged that not every ethical dilemma or responsible action will be addressed by existing standards. A key aspect of responsible research practice is the application of good judgment and personal integrity. Ultimately, all employees play a role in contributing to an open, safe, and inclusive culture in which standards for good practices can be discussed and where everyone feels responsible and accountable.


In this document Training and Certification, an overview is provided of the different training that is either obligatory or recommended for employees at this institute.

Note that the training and certification options are not limited to what is listed in this document. Rather, this document should be treated as a living document. All members of the Institute of Psychology are invited to provide input for improving and extending this overview and make suggestions for the development/facilitation of relevant training and courses.


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