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Health, Medical and Neuropsychology


The research carried out within the unit Health, Medical and Neuropsychology investigates the psychological factors of health and disease, and the development of innovative treatment.

Our focus is on the prevention, assessment and treatment of psychological aspects of somatic conditions, and on clarifying their underlying mechanisms. These research topics are united under two general research lines, focusing on 1) the psychological and neuropsychological mechanisms relevant to the prevention or consequences of somatic conditions, and 2) psychological and neuropsychological prevention, assessments and treatments of somatic conditions.

The work covers the full trajectory of basic science to clinical applications: from lab-based experimental research, to multi-method approaches in field research, to clinical trials and implementation research. The populations vary from the general population to those with chronic somatic conditions, unexplained somatic conditions, or neurological conditions. Specific themes that are of interest to the researchers in our department are stress, placebo effect, healthy life style, E-health, self-management, spatial navigation, neuropsychological rehabilitation, disability and brain-computer interfaces, itch and pain, psychobiology, medically unexplained symptoms, work & health, and music & health.

Our clinical work takes place at the Leiden University Treatment Expertise Centre (or Leids Universitair Behandel Expertise Centrum (LUBEC)). We participate in the university profile area Health across the Human Life Cycle, specifically 1) Brain function and dysfunction over the lifespan and 2) Health, Prevention and the Human Life Cycle as well as the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC). Moreover, we maintain close collaborations with the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), the Medical Delta network, as well as other regional and (inter-) national partners, particularly clinical institutions, patient and prevention organizations, and universities.

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