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Clinical Psychology


The clinical research program focuses on the assessment, etiology and treatment of stress-related mental disorders. It does so by developing and testing theoretical models and therapeutic interventions derived from these models.

The members of this group carry out a wide range of research projects. These involve both healthy participants and patients with psychiatric disorders, and address fundamental and practical issues. We participate in the university profile area Health across the Human Life Cycle, specifically 1) Brain function and dysfunction over thelifespan and 2) Health, Prevention and the Human Life Cycle as well as the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC).

Most of our clinical research and practice takes place at the Leiden University Treatment Expertise Centre (or Leids Universitair Behandel Expertise Centrum, LUBEC). Additionally, we develop new diagnostic instruments and test the effectiveness of interventions, mainly focused on mood and anxiety disorders. To do so, we use a wide range of methodological approaches (eg., systematic observations, ecological momentary assessments, psychophysiological measurements). We also have a strong collaboration with the department of psychiatry of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and other providers of mental health care (Rivierduinen, Curium, PsyQ, 113online, Transparant).

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