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Training and Supervision Plan (OBP)

Within 3 months of the start of the PhD project, your supervisor draws up a Training and Supervision Plan in consultation with you and the other members of the supervision team. 

You and your supervisor shall endeavour to comply with the agreements established in the Training and Supervision Plan. Among other issues, the Training and Supervision Plan documents the division of responsibilities between the different supervisors.

Next, you have to upload the Training and Supervision Plan to LUCRIS (Converis). Once the plan has been uploaded, the supervisor must approve it or request revision via LUCRIS (Converis). For further information, please consult the LUCRIS (Converis) guidelines.   

The OBP must be sent to the Institute Board before it can be approved by the supervisor. For more information check the PhD Training and Supervision Protocol.

Please, use this format to compose your Training and Supervision Plan (OBP). Make sure that all your supervisors and the scientific director agree with this plan. When all signatures have been placed, upload the document to LUCRIS GSM.

For an explanation please contact the PhD Coordinator of the Institute of Education and Child Studies.

Please, use this format when drawing up a Training and Supervision Plan. The PhD candidate must upload the signed version in LUCRIS GSM. The supervisor will then be asked for approval.

For institute-specific questions, PhD candidates and their supervisors can contact the institute’s PhD coordinator.

In addition to the PhD candidate uploading the Training and Supervision Plan in LUCRIS GSM, the supervisor must submit it for evaluation by the Psychology Research Committee. Once approval has been obtained, the PhD candidate must upload the letter of approval from the Research Committee, together with the final version of the Training and Supervision Plan, which must then be approved by the supervisor in LUCRIS GSM.

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