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Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Current PhD candidates

Earning a PhD at Leiden can be done through either an academic treatise on a certain subject in book form or a collection of different academic treatises that have already been made public, or a combination of the 2 if there is enough of a connection regarding the content.

The doctoral dissertation may be written in Dutch or English or, with the permission of the Doctorate Board, in another language. It is also possible for 2 or 3 PhD candidates to do research together under certain conditions. A joint degree is, however, not possible.


PhD candidates with employee status as well as Contract PhD candidates (e.g., funded by a scholarship) have to follow the following courses:

As there are many courses available, it is wise to discuss with your supervisor which courses to take. This guideline applies only to PhD candidates who were admitted to the Graduate School after 21 April 2015.

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