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Open Access and Copyright

Leiden University has an Open Access policy and a Copyright Information Office.

Open Access

Leiden University has an Open Access policy. Our policy requires researchers at Leiden University to make all their Leiden affiliated peer-reviewed articles available via LUCRIS and Scholarly Publications. Open Access provides free online availability of research output without restrictions. Open Access increases the visibility of a publication enormously.

Leiden University also has numerous deals with publishers that will offer our submitting corresponding authors Open Access without additional costs and guarantees high quality. When the publications have been issued in Open Access by the publisher, you can easily make a straightforward upload to Scholarly Publications. When the publications have not been issued in Open Access, in almost all cases you can make use of the Leiden University Open Access policy based on Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act (‘Taverne Amendment’). This article allows researchers, who have an employment agreement with Leiden University, to share their Leiden affiliated short academic and professional publications six months after online publication regardless of any guidelines set by publishers. External PhDs without an employment agreement can only make use of this policy after they have contacted the open access team.

More information

If you need more information, need help to choose and decide, please visit our trainings, website or contact the open access team at the Centre for Digital Scholarship. 


Leiden University has a Copyright Information Office. A lot of information on its website is meant for PhD’s who teach. What are the copyright rules and pitfalls concerning the use of the electronic learning environment Brightspace, tools such as FeedbackFruits, making weblectures  available to students and copyright on teaching materials? It also contains information applicable to all PhD’s, such as copyright for authors and copyright regarding your PhD thesis.

More information

If you need more information, wish to attend a training, or need help with reviewing a contract with your publisher, contact the CDS Copyright Expert

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