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Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

PhD subsidy

As a PhD candidate you can declare costs that are related to the graduation formalities.

Subsidy from the Leiden University Libraries 

As a PhD candidate you will receive a financial compensation of € 500,- for the printing costs by the Leiden University Libraries (UBL).  

Subsidy from the faculty

In addition to the compensation by the UBL, you are eligible for the Faculty subsidy of € 1500,- maximum to assist with graduation costs. This subsidy can only be used towards the following costs:  

  • printing the thesis (remaining amount after deduction of the compensation by the UBL) 

  • reception after the defence  

  • dinner after the defence  

  • rental of the required formal dress 

  • English language check by an editor (check with the Graduate School if you need advice) 

This arrangement applies to all PhD candidates of FSW (including external PhD candidates).  Any staff member who has written a doctorate thesis (if this was not part of the job requirements) is also eligible for the € 1500,- subsidy.

Payment will take place after the PhD defence. You will receive a letter from the Faculty Board asking you to fill in the claims form via Self Service and to upload the accompanying invoices together with a declaration form.  If you are no longer employed by Leiden University, please fill in a digital expense form.  

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