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Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

PhD subsidy

When you have completed the doctorate track at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences you are eligible for a Faculty subsidy of € 1500,- maximum.


This subsidy covers the following costs:

  • printing the thesis

  • reception after the defence

  • rental of the required formal dress

Target group

This arrangement applies to all PhD candidates in the Faculty, including external (i.e., not having a regular PhD position with the Faculty) PhD candidates.  Any staff member who has written a doctorate thesis (even when this was not part of the job requirements) is also eligible for the € 1500,- subsidy.


Payment will take place after the PhD defence. The candidate will receive a letter from the Faculty Board together with a declaration form. This form should be filled out and, together with all original receipts, returned to: 

  • Board of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences,
    P.O. Box 9555,
    2300 RB Leiden,

On submission of all original receipts. The Financial Shared Service Centre will then pay the money into the candidate’s account.

Reimbursement of required copies

The Leiden University PhD Regulations (Article 19) require the PhD candidate to provide:

  • a number of printed copies of the thesis for the opposition committee (10 copies to be delivered to the beadle’s office, Rapenburg 73, and 10 to be delivered to the Dean’s office), and

  • 5 printed copies for the University Library (UBL), 

  • a digital version of the thesis to the UBL, and 

  • the University the right for non-exclusive publication of the thesis in digital form. To this end the candidate should sign the standard licence agreement prepared by the Board of Governors.

The University will pay the candidate a once-only reimbursement of € 500 for the licence. A sum which, moreover, is also intended to cover the costs of printing the 25 copies of the doctoral thesis required for the thesis defence committee and the UBL archive. The body responsible for the implementation of this financial arrangement is the UBL.

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