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PhD research at two universities

In some cases, PhD candidates are permitted to follow a PhD track that involves conducting research and receiving supervision at two institutions: Leiden University and another university. There are two arrangements of joint supervision.


Arrangements regarding this joint supervision are set down in an agreement. There are two kinds of agreement:

  1. A single individual agreement for the joint supervision of one PhD candidate and the defence in the presence of one or more joint Examining Committee(s), after which one diploma or two paired diplomas is/are issued on behalf of both institutions;

A programme agreement between the two universities for a multiyear partnership in the supervision and examining of multiple PhD candidates of both parties. A programme agreement of this kind also includes individual agreements for the participating PhD candidates, as appendices.

You can find more information about the rules and regulations as well as a model agreement on the university website

How to prepare the agreement?

Model agreements can be found on the university website. A draft version of the agreement must be submitted to the Graduate School Office for feedback. The Graduate School Office will work with you and the partner university to ensure that the agreement is satisfactory and conform the Leiden University PhD regulations.

For additional details, please check the PhD Guide.

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