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Computer Science & AI

Information for LIACS staff

All the information that is useful for research, education and support staff can be found at our intranet platform: docs.liacs.nl. This platform can only be used by LIACS staff.

There you will find information about:

  • New @ LIACS;
  • Communication;
  • Project Office;
  • Human Resources;
  • Social @ LIACS;
  • Finance & Procurement;
  • ICT & Computing;
  • Buildings & Office Facilities;
  • Emergency;
  • Education.

You can reach docs.liacs.nl through Citrix:

  • Go to the University Leiden – Staff members website;
  • Click Remote Workplace;
  • Login to Citrix with your ULCN-account;
  • Open Google Chrome via Citrix;
  • Type docs.liacs.nl in Google Chrome via Citrix;
  • Login to docs.liacs.nl with your ULCN account;
  • Choose Books > Staff information > General Information;
  • (Other information about LIACS Communication and the LIACS Project Office can be found on docs.liacs.nl as well).

You can also visit docs.liacs.nl through:

  • wlan 3 @ Snellius;
  • workstations @ Snellius;
  • ssh forwarding / SOCKS proxy via ssh.liacs.nl.


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